Confidence breeds beauty.

I truly believe that beauty begins the moment you decide to be your best self.   And we must all find time to make ourselves a priority because if we don't, no one else will.  No one is you and that is your ultimate power.  I have found that my passion and career have met when it comes to making others feel confident with motivation, fitness and self-care routines...and that, is what brings beauty into my life that all the money in the world couldn't obtain.

I became a skincare consultant for the #1 Premium Skincare brand in North America in January of 2016.  Never having used the products prior, I knew it was the same well-respected, Stanford-trained dermatologists who created ProActiv and became wildly successful globally.  I had seen the before and after testimonials.  I knew there was a money-back guarantee on all products and business kits.  And I saw the wave of the future happening right before my eyes - eCommerce is eating everyone's breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I have never once looked back.  Fitness and training fill my soul knowing I get to play a small part in someone feeling better about themselves physically and mentally - same thing here.  We never get to take off our skin, wear it well.

  • SOOTHE - dry, irritated, sensitive skin, redness, eczema, psoriasis 

  • UNBLEMISH - clogged pores, blemishes, acne and post-acne marks

  • REVERSE BRIGHTENING - uneven skin tone, dullness and discoloration

  • REVERSE LIGHTENING - stubborn dark marks, patches and age spots

  • REDEFINE - lines, wrinkles, large pores and visible signs of aging

  • SPOTLESS - for teens and young adults to help clear and prevent acne breakouts

  • RECHARGE - appearance of dullness, dryness and more that pop up in your 20s


The regimens are a multi-med, multi-step approach and provide the best results when used together.  Regimens last for (AT LEAST) two months with TWICE a day use.  60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


ADD ONS (not all listed):


ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM -- Meant to be used with regimens.  It acts as hydration, not moisturizer (moisturizer holds in your moisture as a barrier, but if you do not have any moisture, that is where I dry skin lies).  Can be used with ALL regimens as well!

       REDEFINE + AHS = added radiance

       REVERSE + AHS = fewer fine lines

       UNBLEMISH + AHS = balanced skin

       SOOTHE + AHS = visibly firmer skin


LASH BOOST -- 8-week nightly supply, applied with one swipe like eyeliner to give you fuller, darker, longer looking lashes!  Beauty Editors couldn't stop raving about it BEFORE its release!  No prescription. No change of eye color or eye lid (6 opthamology trials to confirm).  #1 selling lash product of all time!

PORE CLEANSING MD SYSTEM -- A professional-quality pore extraction system you can use in the comfort of home. Our proprietary pore tool system delivers instant pore-fection with power and ease. It unclogs pores and removes blackheads in seconds for a cleaner, smoother, more radiant complexion.  Leaves skin feeling refreshed and purified, looking healthy and smooth with visibly tighter pores.

AMP MD Roller -- firmer skin, reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (enhances results in Reverse and Redefine Regimens by 50%) paired with our Intensive Renewing Serum (the closest you can get to Vitamin A without a prescription and 20x the strength of retinol, this RetinAL technology harnesses the skin’s own renewing powers to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness.  Can be used on all skin types!)

ACTIVE HYDRATION BODY REPLENISH -- Our newest product!  Better than any regular lotion as it actually provides our skin with hydration and builds over time.  Regular lotion traps moisture in and acts like a seal, but if we have no moisture to hold in due to lack of hydration, we constantly feel like we are "moisturizing" because we aren't actually HYDRATING!

MULTI-FUNCTION EYE CREAM -- Combines powerful peptides to minimize the appearance of crow's feet, fine lines and wrinkles. 

BRIGHT EYE COMPLEX -- Using our 3D3P Molecular Matrix to minimize appearance of dark circles, puffiness and overall dullness of eyes.  Our newest product!


RADIANT DEFENSE -- Finish your routine with this tinted multitasker!  Our new #GlowGuard perfects visible signs of aging and protects skin from daily environmental aggressors. I am here to answer any questions you have and here is the link to get shade matched with RD!


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