10 tips to surviving holiday parties.

Here are some tips about filling up a bit before you hit the party!

1. Rest up the night before. With a lack of sleep, we tend to eat about an extra 300 calories. When women lack sleep, they tend to feel less full when eating. When men lack sleep, their appetite's have been known to increase.

2. Do NOT go to a party starving. You will find yourself eating whatever is in sight and parties do not tend to have the healthiest food...especially during holiday season!

3. Drink at least two glasses of water before to have a fuller feeling so we aren't camping out at the Pigs in a Blanket station.

4. Choose wisely! Reach for the really flavorful foods which will make you feel like you're getting your fill!

Example: If you're going for the cheese platter, reach for a pungent, strong and tasty cheese. You may find if you keep grabbing the mozzarella, you're not getting your fill because it is a blander, less flavorful cheese. I know, I know...we all love ANY cheese! But it's one of the tougher fats to fight off!

5. Reach for the fibrous foods, such as fruits and veggies, before filling up on the breads, cheeses and sweets. Green and orange vegetables contain about 90% water, which fills your stomach and makes your brain register fullness.

6. Enjoy a little bit of everything...not a lot of everything! That hot artichoke dip is so good. However, artichokes aren't going anywhere. You can make it at home so eat it in moderation!

7. Limit the amount of sweet libations and specialty cocktails they are featuring. All of that sugar will only lead to, well, more sugar intake and a miserable hangover. Remember your water throughout the party and stick to red wine.

8. Downsize your plate. When you grab a smaller dish and fill it up, it will trick your brain into thinking you're eating more. So grab that appetizer or salad plate as your dinner dish!

9. Take a loop around and see what is available before diving in the first food you see. After doing so, stick to "special" foods that you wouldn't typically eat at home. Ignore the potato chips and onion dip...reach for the bacon-wrapped scallops or pineapple-stuffed dates.

10. Position yourself away from the food and focus on the event! Network, socialize, enjoy the music, meet new people and have good converstation!


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