Smartphones vs SMART Phones.

Every single day, I hold in my hand one thing that cost me as much as it did to start my skincare business.

** It doesn't pay me to use it.

** It doesn't even get a good return on investment.

** If I decide in 60 days I don't like it or want it? Forget it. No return. No do-over.

** I don't earn residual income by buying it and using it and RAVING about it.

I is just a smartphone.

But yet, the cost is the same as an ENTIRE VIRTUAL BUSINESS. A business that has changed my life...

Hottest Trend in Retail? Store Closings.

- JCPenney

- Macy's

- Best Buy

- Walmart

- Nordstrom cut 400 jobs to put billions in their eCommerce side (BILLIONS)

Why? We are ONLINE. What worked then, no longer works today. It is simply more convenient. Cutting out middle man, not paying for advertising. (Facebook does that for them.)

UBER -- world's largest taxi company, owns no vehicles.

FACEBOOK -- world's most popular media owner, creates no content.

ALIBABA -- world's most valuable retailer, owns no inventory.

AIRBNB -- world's largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate.

RODAN+FIELDS -- fastest growing skincare company, isn't sold in retail stores.

Now, I run my residual income-making, future-expanding, LIFE-CHANGING virtual business from that very phone. AND now that very phone is a tax write-off.

In fact, now it really is a SMART phone.

How smart is yours?

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