Three Greens. Two Reds.

January 2, 2017



I grew up on this stuff, so I make it in very large portions (mostly because it's gone within 36 hours)!  The measurements as far as the greens and veggies are completely your call.  


Always remember...3 greens and 2 reds!


Here is what I used the other day: (all cut up into small pieces)


-- 1 English cucumber - seeds taken out, diced 

-- 4 bunches Parsely, picked off stems, cleaned, drained - put through food processor

(I also add Kale to make even more along with the Parsely)

-- 1 bunch Scallions - chopped

-- Whole container of Campari Tomatoes (About 12) - insides gutted, then diced

-- Bunch Radishes - cleaned, diced into small pieces

-- 1.5 cup fine Bulghar Wheat - place in warm water while chopping all items, as it becomes softer, pick up with hand and squeeze out water. Continue to do so with rest.

-- Salt - to your liking (a few pinches)

-- Lemon Juice -- from bottle, again to your liking. (I like mine quite sour!)

-- Olive Oil -- to balance the lemon tart.


Toss well and enjoy!





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