12 Days of Favorites: Day Five

Day Five: Our Wedding DIY Favors. I loved doing a lot of DIY projects for our wedding and this was one of those sweet memories I had from our big day! Our families aren’t that huge into sweets so I knew I wanted to think of a favor I know they would love…Olive Oil immediately came to mind! So I ordered the mini bottles and seals off of Amazon and ordered the labels from Etsy. I mixed all the dried herbs in a bowl, heated the Olive Oil and made individual EVOO favors for our guests! Ethan helped me by putting all the black caps on the bottles and sealed them tight with his torch lighter. My brother couldn’t wait and opened it up at the reception, haha! (Probably cause he carried on and didn’t want to have to check his bag.) But I had to think of something for the kids as I’m sure Olive Oil wouldn’t top their list. So I put all 5 kids to work! I bought disposable cameras and gave them a list of things they needed to take photos of during the party! It kept them distracted for quite some time 😉 Then I purchased the little jars at Hobby Lobby, filled them with “Love Bugs” (Black Forest gummy worms) and took puffy paint to add their names! Time-consuming? Not really. Worth it? Definitely!

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