12 Days of Favorites: Day Four

Day Four: Mindset of Fearless Rodan+Fields leader, Katie Wood. She continually reminds me to inspire others, work on yourself, dodge negativity and slay goals. And as I sit here at home working on my business, I can’t help but share why this is one of my favorites because my business has gifted me so much. Overworked. Underpaid. Exhausted. Do you fall into any of these categories? We live in the greatest time to make things happen. I questioned this business, but I was never naive enough to turn my nose up at it.

I wanted something of my own, something I built and something where I can make an impact. Maybe that was my GIFT from cancer…not wanting to go through the motions of life and settle. No one knows what is best for you other than you. I try daily to live with purpose and passion and because of that, I feel more alive than ever before. After all, what we really fear is what we desire deep down. This is one vehicle to happiness and this is one of my favorite things. And if you read this til the end, there is a reason…pay attention to that.

Opportunity to call to listen anytime...anonymously.

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