12 Days of Favorites: Day Twelve

ARTIST - Allie Nunez My sister & brother-n-law, Elizabeth & Jack, got this drawn for us from our wedding photos by Allie and I couldn’t love it more! I have received so many sweet messages on our Christmas card and I couldn’t help but ask Allie what the story was behind her faceless artwork. I LOVED her answer… Allie started drawing family portraits about 3 years ago and she said she is so inspired by family and what makes each member so special. She saw that people knew who the person was without seeing their face; be it their clothes or the way they stand. So she wanted to make sure it wasn’t coming off too “cartoonish” and really wanted to show the person without being distracted by the playful faces. My favorite part from Allie’s response: “The stories behind these beautiful families creates significance that I do not take lightly.” Thank you for making our first Christmas card together so special, Allie. @thealliegshow

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