12 Days of Favorites: Day Eight

3 BEAUTY PRODUCTS I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT! Of course, my foundation begins with Rodan+Fields bread and butter…the regimens. (Reverse in the morning and Redefine at night for me!) But here are ones that I will ALWAYS have stocked in addition… Lash Boost: Because duh. And outsold the highest grossing mascara of all time in less than a year. It works. Active Hydration Serum: I can NOT express how much I am in love with this stuff. Dryness = makes your skin look older. This is what they say and it could NOT be more true with my results…”Locks in moisture from the atmosphere, forming a water reservoir on the skin’s surface so your skin stays continuously hydrated all day. And hydrated skin responds more easily to the skincare products layered on top, therefore boosting their performance.” Say no more. Intensive Renewing Serum: This formula is not just stronger, it’s smarter. Closest you can get to Vitamin A without a prescription. Refines, smoothes and firms my skin like crazy. So after I use my roller, this blue gem comes next. So whether it’s for you or someone else, check out what People magazine said about the Most Exchanged gifts and Your Best Bets!!

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