Own The Dash.


Own the Dash is about owning your life, about leaving a legacy and giving more than you take. It's about making the most of each day and giving your life true meaning. When your last day comes, your living legacy is left only in the memories of your loved ones and on your tombstone. On that tombstone are only two of the important dates in your life, the DAY YOU WERE BORN and the DAY YOU PASS ON; The only two days you don't control.

The uncompromising belief you have in yourself as someone who CAN make a difference is more powerful than you can imagine. Your actions will inspire others to also honor the life they’ve been given. In a time when the world seems hopeless, our mission begins with each person showing the world that hope is alive and well. Owning the dash is about taking control of the days in between: That dash between the day you're born and the day you die.

- Dakota Meyer


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