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Did you know you spend on average about 86,400 hours working? Let that soak in. That’s a BIG chunk of your life. I can’t stress enough the IMPORTANCE of finding meaningful work. If you are feeling drained, constantly looking at your watch, having a small party in your head at lunch break or planning vacations in your mind to escape reality…then you need to really think about how you’re spending your days…or LIFE. Having a job simply to pay the bills is not fulfillment. Looking forward to Friday each week is not healthy. You’re wishing 5 days by….week after week, you might not realize it, but you’re wishing your life away. Time to have an honest discussion with yourself. I had this one 4 years ago when I was started to dread my daily life. I used to be a teacher and had a lot of meaning in my job - loved it actually. But when my life started to change as my family grew, my love for the job started to fade. It was taken over by a deep desire to be at home with my kids while they were in their prime years….the ones you never get back. I paid attention to that inner struggle and consciously decided to make a change. Change ONLY happens when you hear life’s whispers and take ACTION. If you’re waiting for change to happen, then get comfy…cause you’ll be waiting forever. You need the courage to MAKE it happen…one baby step at a time. This can be very overwhelming, but do you know what is more stressful?? Struggling each and every day internally by living without deep fulfillment, it simply sucks energy from people, I have seen it first hand. Life is love. We get married to the person we love, we have kids that we love, we buy a house we love…so why for the very thing that takes up the majority of time in our day do we not love? The world is full of people who are miserable at work. You DESERVE to have work that engages you passionately and brings out the best version of you. NO one is going to hand you that- you need to chase that down. Then watch how your energy changes! Take the first step and with time (maybe even years), you’ll know when you have found meaning when your days become timeless and you’re in a state of flow. It’s a gift to wake up each day with a full heart and a driven purpose! Meaningful work is a gift. The best gift you can give yourself and those around you.

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