Balance around the holidays.

Tis the season to be…healthy? Well, we are all probably thinking it may be harder than normal. We are allowed to have fun and indulge, but not go CRAZY. Meaning, if you have one bad weekend, you don’t throw all guidelines out for the rest of the week. If you get one flat tire, you don’t go and slash the other three.

Tips for the holidays:


  1. Control portions.

  2. Slow down and eat slower.

  3. Choose indulgences wisely.

  4. Plan physical activity.

  5. Wake up earlier and get your workout done.

  6. Water is your friend.

  7. Eat when you’re hungry, not because that cookie is staring at you in the face.

  8. Get sleep, it’s important. Self-care is not an “extra.”


  1. Recognize the people in your life are…who they are.

  2. Give yourself permission to let some things go.

  3. Take time daily to enjoy something about the season.

  4. Stick to your budget.

  5. Reach out. Connect with others, plan activities, get your face out of your phone, volunteer at a soup kitchen or charity event.

  6. Ask how you can help. Random acts of kindness.

  7. Stop overreacting…at the airport, at the family, at the strangers…realize what is small stuff…it’s pretty much all small stuff.

  8. Be grateful.

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