Reasons why we have Coronavirus Anxiety and 25 things to do during this time...

1. Medical uncertainty. More than any other aspect of the pathogen and the disease it causes, uncertainties instill a deep sense of dread. The uncertainties include who is most at risk of infection or severe illness (or death), who can spread it, what protective steps are warranted (is hand-washing and staying away from indoor crowds sufficient, or should you not leave your home?), and how the outbreak will unfold. It is the uncertainty that drives us crazy!

2. Unfamiliarity. The reason flu’s high fatality rate doesn’t spur dread is its familiarity. So, due to this unfamiliar virus, erring on the side of extreme caution is a better way to survive. Assuming everything "will be fine" is a way to mask the anxiety in the hopes that others agree with you to make you feel better.

3. Leadership failures. When reassurances from government officials fall flat or seem a bit hollow, that is when we question everything. Leading to all of us either believing EVERYTHING we hear or believing NOTHING. No happy medium. Also assuming that it "won't hit our business" seems sloppy and irresponsible. The numbers that are coming out are of those that have been TESTED. It doesn't include all of those that are affected, asymptomatic and spreading it like wild fire because they walk around with it unknowingly.

4. Expert gaffes. Stay inside? Venture out with limited circumstances? Any missteps had by the supposed experts lead to more anxiety. Delivering all sorts of information where nothing seems to be the same minute by minute, produces stress and panic for millions.

5. Beyond control. Uncertainty encompasses more than medical issues. People don’t know if their children’s school will close, if their jobs will disappear, if a planned trip will be scrubbed, even if their city will be put on lockdown.

6. Personal vs. Community Risk. We are not very good at separating risks to a population from personal risks. With projections of more people being affected and more lives lost, the risk to our communities are immense. So when countries and counties shut down, we would *hope* more begin to realize how important social distancing really is at this point. In my personal opinion, the more we follow the recommendations, the sooner this will all be over. Right? RIGHT??

7. Non-medical anxiety. Financial impact. PHEWZY. The toughest pill to swallow. No matter how you slice it...hence why one of the many reasons it is called a "pandemic." Another thing I have just read about, "Only 31% said they had sufficient savings to pay for the anticipated medical costs." Based on everything said above, I won't discount the fact that that number could be off. But I sincerely hope and pray we all navigate this the best way we can.

Things we can do to control it and I will keep them very simple...

1. Breathe!

2. Social distance. For the love.

3. Get outside - a walk, a hike, a run...and pretend there is an Orangetheory coach behind you saying, "Base, Push, ALL OUT!"

4. Watch something you've been wanting to see! Recommendations welcome.

5. Learn something new - craft, YouTube experiment, recipe.

6. That book that you said you were going to read...start that book.

7. Learn that whole meditation thing.

8. Face masks for the whole fam.

9. Put together a charcuterie board with only things currently in your kitchen.

10. Organize your tupperware. With lids ON...who is with me?

11. Watch Tom Hanks movies and send him love from abroad.

12. Reproduce something off Pinterest. Fail. Try again.

13. Throw out all your too-old makeup and products. Just do it. Your product graveyard has spiderwebs on it.

14. Go through your camera roll and purge.

15. Get on TikTok and find something you want to try...then embarrass your husband like I do 100% of the time.

16. Work on your financial planning, such as exploring whether to refinance your loan or ways to save more money. We WILL vacation again and it's going to be one hell of a time!

17. Indoor scavenger hunt.

18. Stop procrastinating and do your income taxes.

19. Organize your spice rack alphabetically. GAME CHANGER!!

20. MEN! Two words: Coronavirus beard! Grow it, moisturize it, comb it, love it.

21. Stretch. Work on your flexibility.

22. Sleep. Get lots of it.

23. Condition your hair and do a great treatment on it. (Some kitchen oil or a fancy one. We're experimenting people! Ain't nobody gonna see you anyways.)

24. Kids...attempt things with your non-dominant hand, from writing to brushing your teeth. Prepare to be frustrated.

25. And lastly, write a list of things you want to accomplish...and after all is said and done, look back and see what you did during CoronaGate 2020.

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